Virtual Magic Questions & Answers

What makes a good virtual magic show?

The show should build from beginning to end with a cumulative climax. A good virtual magic and mentalism show should have audience participation, be interactive and engage the audience throughout the performance. A great show will often add the element of comedy to keep the audience laughing and gasping for more.

How much do virtual magicians cost?

For virtual magic or mentalism shows you can expect to get tickets to a show for anywhere from $10 each on the low end, to around $35 or even $50 each or more, depending upon the type of show and how many people are attending. Typical virtual magic shows range from $350-$1000.

How long does a virtual magic show typically last?

A virtual magic show will typically last anywhere from 15-60 minutes depending on how long the performance is intended to be. Most often virtual magic & mentalism shows are 30-45 minutes, since that is a good amount of time that is not too short and not too long. People start to lose their focus and attention spans dwindle after 1 hour of performance time.

How do you do the virtual magic show?

You simply join a zoom call, microsoft teams or any other video conferencing platform and the magician will be able to perform comedy, magic tricks and or mentalism. Your guests will experience the live performance with lots of interactive magic.

What is better a virtual magic show or a physical magic show?

During these covid times a virtual show may be more suitable than a physical show for obvious reasons. A virtual show is also favourable in that the audience can be from anywhere in the world and the spectators can watch it from the comfort of their home or office. Also, there is no travel time or parking fee, etc.

Although nothing can replace a good old fashioned physical magic show performance. The virtual performance is the next best way to enjoy a magic show.

How do I book a virtual magician?

You can book a virtual magician by going to Jordano’s booking inquiry page and filling out the contact form.