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Pennsylvania Corporate Virtual Entertainer

You can request a real-time virtual demonstration of the show with the video conferencing software of your choice. The online demo is between 5-10 minutes long depending on how much of Jordanos reveal you wish to see. The demo is entirely free so please arrange a demo of Jordanos corporate virtual program as well as experience the magic, mentalism, and comedy first hand before choosing an entertainer.

Taking part in Jordanos corporate virtual magic show is enjoyable, interactive and amusing. He makes use of extraordinary deception, humorous comedy, mind boggling mentalism, incredible sleight of hand, audience participation, as well as outstanding magic to involve his audience and capture their attention.

Bring some energy and life to your online conferences by employing an online performance artist like Jordano that is sure to energize, motivate as well as surprise your visitors. Jordano has actually been performing magic expertly since the year 2003 which was also the same year he registered Tricky Magic. He started off as a street illusionist, busking the streets of Victoria’s lower causeway and inner harbour throughout the summer months but today he predominately performs for corporate business events only.

Take your online virtual business meeting to the next level by working with Jordano The Great of Tricky Magic comedy magic and mentalism entertainment company. Jordano has developed unique magic as well as mentalism tricks specifically made for corporate virtual event which he does not use in his real-time in person shows. These tricks were created by Jordano, so you will not see them executed anywhere else on the planet. Jordano is not only a maker and designer of original magic but additionally an instructor, having actually developed an on the internet magic course for kids.

The cost of Jordanos show is dependant on whether your virtual event is for profit or non-profit as well as if the online virtual event is corporate or non-corporate. The number of individuals participating in the video conference will also determine the price of the show. If you want to understand even more concerning pricing as well as availability please complete Jordanos booking questions page.

Jordanos comedy, magic, as well as mentalism show is between 15-60 minutes long depending on the length of time you are seeking. It can be played unclean or clean depending upon your choice. Most of Jordanos digital shows are between 30-45 minutes since that is generally the best amount of time to be completely entertained with only the best tricks.

Jordanos act is a really interactive online live video streaming program that is sure to captivate and impress everyone viewing the performance. He uses Zoom and Microsoft Teams video conferencing software in addition to Webex, Google Meet and also all various other live video streaming platforms offered on the market today.

Servicing all of Pennsylvania, USA, including but not limited to Pittsburgh, Lancastor, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Scranton, Levittown, Erie, Allentown, Bethlehem and all other cities in Pennsylvania.