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Illinois Corporate Virtual Magician For Hire

Take your digital corporate occasion to the highest level by hiring Jordano The Great of Tricky Magic productions magic, comedy and mentalism entertainment company based out of Victoria, BC Canada. Jordano performs virtual shows for cities, states, and countries all around the world. Performing virtually allows for participants to log in to the video conference from anywhere in the world and it is as if everyone is in the exact same room.

Jordano develops an unmatched experience of first-rate magic, thought transference, ESP, and also laughter. Hire Jordano and provide your guests with an enchanting journey they will not soon forget, something they will certainly speak about for several years ahead.

Jordanos act is a truly interactive live video streaming online program that makes sure to thrill as well as entertain everyone seeing the show. He uses Zoom and also Microsoft Teams video conferencing software as well as Webex, Google Meet and all other real-time video streaming systems offered in today’s market.

Taking part in Jordanos corporate virtual magic program is fun, interactive and also entertaining for adults and kids alike. He makes use of incredible sleight of hand, audience participation, funny comedy, mind bending mentalism (mind feats), and also amazing and astonishing magic.

Jordanos show is between 15-60 minutes long depending on how long of a performance you are looking for. It can be played dirty or tidy depending upon your preference. Many of Jordanos online virtual programs are between 30-45 minutes since that is usually the ideal amount of time to be completely entertained with only the best tricks.

You can ask for an online virtual demo of the show where you will get to experience the comedy magic and mentalism 1st hand before making any decisions on which performer to hire. We can use the video conferencing software of your choice. The live demonstration is between 5-10 minutes long depending upon just how much of Jordanos show you want to see. The demo is completely free so please reach out and request a demonstration of Jordanos corporate virtual show.

Jordano has actually created special magic as well as mentalism tricks particularly made for corporate virtual magic shows which he does not provide in his live physical in-person performances. These methods were produced by Jordano, so you won’t see them executed anywhere else worldwide. Jordano is not just a developer and inventor of original magic, but also a teacher, having produced an online magic course for children.

Bring some energy and life to your online conferences by hiring an online performer like Jordano The Great. He will make certain to stimulate, inspire and amaze your guests. Jordano has actually been carrying out magic skillfully and professionally since the year 2003 which was also the he registered Tricky Magic. He started off as a sidewalk magician, busking the streets of Victoria BC’s inner harbour during the summer months. Today he predominately provides corporate entertainment for paid gigs.

Depending on whether the corporate event is for profit or charitable along with how many video conferencing participants are watching the show determines the price of the virtual production. If you want to know even more concerning prices and availability please complete Jordanos gig request web page.

Service areas include: all Illinois of USA including Springfield, Naperville, Chicago, Champaign, Aurora, Joliet, Peoria, Waukegan, Elgin and all other cities of Illinois.